check grammar and spellingAbacus Talent Pvt Ltd (ATPL) is a private limited company that works for the all round development of the students of the age group of above 4 years. With an experience of 23 years as educationists, we are dedicated to provide quality training and developmental programs for the children of the society.

We have a plethora of programs in the education industry that can astoundingly improve the capabilities of education.

The products that we offer are as follows:

  • UCMAS (Abacus Education) for Nagpur Region of Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh State
  • Hasthashilpkala/ Graphology
  • Vedic Mathematics
  • Toy Library
  • UC Kindies (International Pre School Chain)
  • MyKen Show – A Program for Career Planning and Development


Our staff members are dedicated for the development of the product. Providing quality customer services training.


Team ATPL:

  • Mr Dilip Jain – Managing Director
  • Mrs Anjana Paliwal – Director
  • Mr Mohit Paliwal – Director
  • Mr Piyush Jain – Director

Technical Team

  • Mr Mahendra Jain – Master Trainer
  • Mr Nitin Chawre – Training Manager

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Admin Team:

  • Mr Digambar Bisen – Admin Head
  • Ms Nandini Ukey – Business Relations Head
  • Ms Shruti Vishwakarma – Inventory Head
  • Mr Suresh Godbole – Data and Resource Manager

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