According to the analysis on the nerve tissues, the development and growth of the nerve tissues begins in two years old children at a rapid speed, and the progress will slow down after they are 13 years old when the growth reaches 75%. The fastest growth of human brain nerve cells is during 5 to 14 years and during this period , the frequency of the brain wave increases gradually from theta (relaxing stage) to alpha level (relax but conscious). Children in alpha level have plentiful imagination and quicker learning ability. As they grow older into their juvenile age (the beta level, the sober period), thought will become more rational and they mainly think with left brain.

Therefore, as a parent to your child, in order to explore and enhance the children’s intelligence, the best learning time for your child is the age before 15.

In order to create the overall intelligence of the cerebrum, both the right and left- brain must be trained at the same time. The creativity will be at its best only when both brains communicate and co-ordinate with each other. The creativity function from right needs to be boosted by the information stored in left brain. Whereas, the mathematical and physical abilities have to work together with the space perception from the right brain in order to become an excellent scientist, engineer, literary expert, designer and businessman as well.

The creation progression of a person faced with difficulties could fail if lack of co-ordination is there between both the sides of the brain. Every creation progress needs numerous collaborations between these two brains. This explains the reason why those who uses both their left and right brain will be successful like Einstein, Picasso, Shakespeare or other geniuses of their respective fields.

The finding from experiments is that the systematic training of upper brain is able to change the operation of the lower brain, inclusive of health, achievement in sports, energy, spirituality, motivation and stamina.