• Help your child to be punctual in attending classes. Help and guide your child to wear the U C MAS T-shirt in class
  • Help and guide your child not to miss a single class. Always encourage the child to perform well.
  • The daily home practice given to child is only to enhance the imaging skill of the child.
  • Help your child to complete the daily home practice in at least 15 minutes by themselves.
  • Advise the child not to be playful in the classes.
  • Please do not interfere with the Course Instructor’s instructions.
  • Parents are not permitted to sit inside the classroom.
  • Please try to know the progress of the wards at least once a month.
  • In case of any difficulties, do get in touch with your CIs and Franchisee to clarify. For best results, it is essential that the parents get involved in the observation of their children while they practise and let the CIs understand their wards present situation, if any, on a regular basis.

It is very important to insure that you make your child complete all the 8 levels of the course. The progress you may see after a few levels would make you extremely  happy but you should not consider that this is peak of achievement in Mental Arithmetic. The student will have to complete all 8 levels to achieve the benefits of the concept in full.